Divinity In Motion (DIM)

is your to-go-to school for Alignment work of any kind

Getting out of Survival Mode, Shadow Work, Inner Child Work,

Manifestation Work, Understanding your Human Design & much more

"I honestly have never been more excited about my personal growth!"

- Angela Segovia

"I know you are aware of how deeply I appreciate all you do and the guidance you’ve provided my soul."

- Yaneli Serna

"Gianna! I am blown away with the information from the reading you gave me. The work you do is invaluable!"

-Monica Lebsock

"That was incredible. I learned soo much about myself and confirmed so much as well. Im blown away!"

-Deanna Holbrook

Aligned AF Mentorship

Aligned AF Mentorship

Human Design Reading

Hi, I’m Gianna

I created Divinity In Motion, a school that provides On-Demand-Courses to get to work when it comes to aligning yourself with your purpose. All courses are based on my own Agenda, which I use in my 1:1 Mentorship work. My foundation is Human Design, as well as other spiritual & psychological techniques.

I am a Multi-Passionate Alignment Coach, Psychic & Author. I use many different techniques to help you align with your most authentic self. My goal is to help you get back into alignment and embody your 100% authentic self & give you more insight into your path & purpose.